Verizon says goodbye to KIN Series, I say goodbye to Microsoft.

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I can’t lie, I hold a special place in my heart for Windows Mobile, it lead me into a Mobile community that has brought me hours of joy and several good friends. But I had to go…..

Until about a year ago I used Windows Mobile devices exclusively, starting way back with my HTC Apache, all the way up to my Touch Pro 2 (I still can’t part with).  I loved the the ability to customize everything, flash different custom ROM’s daily, and it got me involved with the amazing online hacking community.  You couldn’t of pried my Windows mobile from my cold dead hands!  But then Windows Mobile made some decisions that sent me running into the open and waiting arms of Android.

The first decision was Windows Mobile 6.5 through 6.5.X.  Coming from years with Windows Mobile 5 through 6.1, I expected 6.5 to be a much larger change in the way the OS looked and felt, that was not the case.  Instead 6.5 brought very little in the way of innovation and 6.5.3 was much of the same.  Microsoft moved around the start menu and added a small and laggy market and in my eyes pretty much told me hang in there another year for Winmo 7 series.  That started me looking for a new OS….

The next move that Microsoft made was the Kin series.  With its odd and sometimes creepy marketing campaign and gearing itself towards teenagers it hit Verizon and….Failed. is even reporting that now (almost a month after Microsoft pulled the plug on the Kin) will stop all online sales on July 18th. See photo above and read on at Phonearena.  So much for social networking phones.

I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to switch to Android.  Yes I did see Microsoft unveil Windows 7 series, and yes I agree it does have potential, but no I am not impressed.  With Android updating its OS constantly and a slew of amazing phones (my Incredible) the switch was easy.  The best part of the switch is that I still get to be part of the hacking community.  I have rooted my Incredible and Eris and flash ROM’s and hacks and mods constantly.

So if you are a Windows mobile user and you are on the fence, or looking for a new direction to take your mobile hacking hobby, take it from me, Android is the place for you.


Goodbye Windows Mobile

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