Whoopi murders the iPhone

| July 15, 2010 | Reply

Whoopi Goldberg murdered something and wasn’t arrested. That’s because she murdered (as she put it on the view) an iPhone 4 by throwing it to pieces outside of a car because of reception and data problems during an interview. It seems there are a lot of celebs now a days swapping their iPhones out for another smart phone do to the antennae issue and the fact that it seems to not be “in” as it used to be. The murder may or may have not happened but one thing is for sure Whoopi is not happy at all! Anyone else think that Mr Jobs might make things alright for PR sake? Right now it seems the issue did NOT get resolved with the new software update which made a lot of iPhone users mad. (which we knew since it is a HARDWARE issue)The fact is the phone is defective and something needs to be done beside updating a phone to have better looking visual signal bars. I can’t wait to see who else follows in Whoopi’s shoes and tosses out their iPhone. We did hear not to long ago that Jimmy Fallon might drop his and go Android if the reception is an issue on the new iPhone. HEY JIMMY! See you at Verizon soon! Video of Whoopi below!

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