Windows 7 Phone Good or Bad?

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It seems like windows mobile is trying to make a HUGE leap of faith to get its head back in the game.  As we all know yes windows mobile is still out there but I’m sure everyone can agree with me that its not one of the top dawgs anymore. Most of the windows mobile phones that i personally have used have pretty much been a flop in my opinion. I go back to the days of the MDA and even though that was windows mobile 5 i felt that i had the best experience with that phone.

When windows mobile 6 came out like any OS for any model everyone gets excited. First initial use of that OS was alright but over time it honestly got worse and worse. Their other release windows mobile 6.5 was then released to fix issues and give better performance to devices.  Well………………….. as some people may say that they enjoy 6.5 i personally can say that it doesn’t impress me.

We have been hearing rumors about windows mobile 7 device coming, and coming and yes coming. With the release date being slated for this holiday season windows mobile guru’s are probably getting pretty excited. Personally myself I will wait and see how the first initial devices run first.

As my first initial look at the windows mobile 7 device my current thoughts are “well it looks decent”  Many of us want to know how does it run? As there looks like there are some pretty cool features in the device like the xbox live integration (for all you xbox lovers) We haven’t really got a clean official look at whats behind the doors for windows mobile 7.

All in all if Microsoft wants to get back in the game instead of being on the sidelines they better make this windows 7 software and devices pretty amazing. Iphone, android and blackberry in my opinion has pretty much jumped ahead of the microsoft based phone, so i guess we will all wait and see what microsoft is bringing to the table in the near future.

You can read more of the a review of the windows mobile 7 phone here


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