Updated: 24 hours until Droid X Froyo ??

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Droid X owners could see Froyo sooner than expected!!  Until now, the Droid X has been rumored to expect Froyo in late summer, with some even suggesting early September.  However, today we’ve learned that someone has indeed gotten their hands on the X’s Froyo release (see photo below).  But that’s not all.  The special someone has also promised that the update is now less than 24 hours away!  This is excellent news for all of us patiently waiting to get our hands on this update as we have seen several other devices already rocking Froyo.  Check out the pic and story below and be sure to drop us a comment.  Will Droid X owners be pleasantly surprised by this time tomorrow?

Froyo running on Droid X

Last we heard about the Motorola Droid X getting some Froyo, the date of “early summer” and “by early September” were being thrown around. That might be about to change, as a forum poster on My Droid World seems to have gotten his hands on the DX’s Froyo release. In addition to posting some pictures, he goes on to promise that the update is “less than 24hrs away.” Now, this is completely unconfirmed by anyone, and we have seen many-a rumored Froyo release date on Verizon come and pass sans update, so take this with a healthy dose of skepticism.

That said, we won’t blame any of you Droid X users if you mash on the “System Updates” button (Menu > Settings > About Phone FYI) throughout the day. Just try not do get your hopes up too much, ok? As a DInc owner, I know the feeling far too well. Check out another picture past the link. [My Droid World] Thanks, Josh!

Source: Androidcentral

New pic showing a fuzzy, however updated lock screen!!  We are getting closer people!!!!  FROYO!!

Update!!  From Mydroidworld forums:

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  • Taylor says:

    Probably fake. But would be really awesome if it was true

  • Taylor says:

    Probably fake. But would be really awesome if it was true

  • Chris Bogart says:

    Check out the new pic Taylor, how nice does that new lock screen look!!!

  • Chris Bogart says:

    Rumor mill keeps stirring, and pointing towards a 6 AM release!! This is getting exciting.