BBM integration for Android thanks to Cross Talk???

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Cross Talk is an instant message application that is still in early development, but almost ready for beta testing according to rumors.  This application will be similar to most other IM clients in the way it integrates all your different chat clients into one happy place.  While this would be just another app in a long list of competitors, rumor has it that Cross Talk will include the integration of one key missing client in regards to other apps, BBM!!  That’s right, the guys developing this app say that there will be BlackBerry Messenger integration allowing you to see and chat with your BBM friends, as if you never left.  If this is even possible, this will be huge victory for cross platform communication.  Check out some pics below and drop us a comment.  While we do not see any BBM integration yet, we do know the app is still in development and we are all excited to see how this pans out.

With so many IM networks out there its tough to have all your friends and family on just one.  Sure, there are multiple 3rd party apps that integrate them all, but what if you could integrate them so tightly you wouldn’t even know they are on a different network, including RIM’s BBM?  Introducing CrossTalk.  The guys that are developing this great app just let me know that while still in development, its almost ready for a prime time beta test.  You can be sure GizmoFusion will have a preview as soon as we can to give you a good idea of how well this works and what you can look forward to!  Hit the jump for one more picture of this amazing client.

Courtesy of Gizmofusion

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