BlackPad Coming This November, for $499 ??

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While I consider the idea of changing my primary phone and checking out the Android platform I cant help but be completely intrigued by the idea of a BlackBerry tablet.  The specs alone are impressive boasting a 9.7″ display, WiFi, Bluetooth, and a front and rear facing camera.  This to me would be a perfect fit for travel, and working on the go.  A couple weeks ago we heard RIM had purchased the domain all but confirming that this device was sure to come.  Rumors have been circulating for quite a while about RIM’s “BlackPad” tablet, but the speculation continues and just got a little more real as we are now hearing rumors that Quanta has won the bid and will be manufacturing the devices starting in September.  Early production numbers are astounding, and definitely seem to show a certain confidence in RIM’s first attempt to shine in the growing tablet market.  Check out the full story below.  If this device is truly November bound, will you be there to pick one up?  I think I just might.  Drop us a comment below and leave us your feedback.

Come on, admit it, you want to believe that RIM is working on a tablet called the BlackPad don’t you? You’d better, because Apple Daily is piling on with more unsubstantiated rumor this morning. So, in addition to the 9.7-inch display, Bluetooth, WiFi, and front- and rear-facing cameras already mentioned by Bloomberg‘s sources, Apple Daily claims that Quanta won the bid to manufacture the tablet with plans to ramp up for 2 million units starting in September (for a November retail launch) with another 8 million planned for 2011. The price? $499 is the target, naturally.

Source:  Engadget

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