HTC Droid Incredible Froyo Leak; Joyous Desserts Had By All

| August 26, 2010 | Reply

Holy crap! Looks like the rumor mill wasn’t far off with this one! With several sources and rumors being debunked on the HTC Incredible’s Froyo release, one would wonder if it would ever come. (Now you know how us Milestone users feel!)

However, it appears that there has been a true leak of 2.2 for the DI, not just some Nandroid backup either, a full on RUU file. (RUU = .SBF for us Moto users)

If you decide to load this, please, let us know how it works in the comments section!

Download Here.

Only hours after our source dropped a 9/1 Froyo release bomb for the Droid Incredible (then retracted it), a full Android 2.2 leak snuck into the wild.  And we aren’t talking about some simple nandroid ROM, we’re talking an RUU which is like an SBF file in HTC land.

You can grab the file from the source link below, but you may want to hold off from flashing this just yet.

We’re still in the process of flashing this to our own DI and will let you know as soon as we have finished, but really you just need to understand that this is big news.  And maybe our jittery source wasn’t so wrong after all?


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