RIM Buys Cellmania; Speculative ‘Experts’ Wrong?

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For a company that’s come under a lot of public heat lately – be it the forum-based “will they make it / won’t they make it”, the public news reports on “Is OS 6 going to save RIM? And are you babies eating lead? We’ll find out after the break.”, or just plain word of mouth speculation. And yet this Canadian powerhouse continues to push forward, buying out Cellmania, a well aged (circa 1999) company that deals with mobile content and distribution, as well as their patented mFinder, which…well, let them word it.

Cellmania’s integrated mFinder™ solution provides infrastructure on either a licensed or hosted basis to allow digital rights management of downloaded content onto mobile phones, subscription billing, time and location based content management and billing integration onto customer bills. Cellmania’s mFinder™ solution is used as a full end-to-end delivery and ecosystem solution for some of the world’s largest mobile operators.

source: cellmania.com

It seems that RIM is going to focus a little more on digital distribution, and maybe pumping up App World to the point where it can finally compete with the App Market (Google) and the App Store (Apple). Do you think this is a big move on RIM’s part? Do you think they should be investing in something else? Feel free to comment your opinions.

Research In Motion may be getting ready to jump-start the BlackBerry App World with the purchase of a mobile infrastructure software company Tuesday.

Cellmania, which makes software that wireless carriers and software developers can use to distribute applications, has agreed to join forces with RIM, it announced Tuesday afternoon on its home page. Unsurprisingly, financial terms of the deal were not disclosed on that same home page.

RIM may be the leading smartphone maker in North American, but its mobile application store does not get nearly as much love as Apple’s App Store or Google’s Android Market. Cellmania makes the software that runs mobile application stores for carriers like Sprint and Orange, and RIM may be looking to use some of its expertise inside BlackBerry App World.

source: cnet.com

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