ROM Manager App gets updated, once again proves its the easiest way to flash a ROM!

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Chances are if you flash custom ROM’s on you Android phone you have downloaded or used the great developer Koush’s App called ROM Manager!  ROM Manager allows people with rooted phones to flash clockworkmod as their custom recovery image and then use the ROM Manager app to download and flash various custom ROMs, kernels, themes, and tweaks.

Coming from the Windows Mobile community I grew accustomed to the process of flashing custom ROMs and it was a pain!  My phone had to have a minimum charge of %50, had to connect it to a PC in order to flash, and there was always the fear that the USB cord would get knocked unplugged and you could possible brick you phone!  Not anymore since I switched to Android and started to use ROM Manager.  Now I simply go into the app, choose the ROM I want and install it, it will even ask you for a nandroid backup first and also wipe you phone if the ROM requires.

Some ROMs are not  available through ROM manager yet, so you can always download it and choose the install from SD card option.  Also if you buy the premium app for $3.99 out get acsess to cynogen nightly ROM builds for some devices as well as extras like the newest superuser app builds.

Today Koush updated ROM Manager with the following changes he tweeted:

Released a new version of ROM Manager. It will remember your recovery between wipes and ROM switches. This new release will greatly reduce “broken” recoveries because recovery will not need to be reflashed every ROM switch or wipe.

This is a must have App for anyone who flashes a custom ROM on their Android Device. Go head over to clockworkmod website for more details from the genius himself here.

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