What’s Up Magenta’s sleeve?

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Its always fun to hear rumors of devices, or code names of devices getting leaked. Well i guess if the rumors come true then its cool but if its just speculation then well you can figure that out.  News had been rumored late last month about a possible G2 being released under T-mobile. Well as we saw on some posts recently its no longer a rumor and and will be a device that will be launching. As we have no true specs on the device yet we know it will be definetly coming out. This will be T-mobiles first HSPA+ capable device that will be running on 4G like speeds on the data network. (Find out more and stay up to date on the G2 go here http://g2.t-mobile.com/)

Now that is not all that we have recently found out from T-mobile it looks like they have more up their sleeve as well. Burried in the Trademark offices we have also found that T-mobile as also grabbed other trademarks as in the My Touch HD. Hmm My Touch Hd i wonder what we can expect this device to be. My speculation is that it will be a touch screen device similar to the Samsung Vibrant or other recently released devices. It may have many features of other devices all put into one. HD camera, possible screen like the HD2 (only the screen like HD2 i hope). Considering the My touch is t-mobiles franchise device I assume and hope that they will do this one big. After falling behind on the android bandwagon after being the first company to release the 1st ever android device T-mobile has been slowly climbing out of the hole. Many may say that they are still losing ground when it comes to devices and launches, (which i also agree) they seem to be slowly taking the step in the right direction. I hope.

I think we will be seeing some nice things coming down the line for Magenta by years end and early 2011. As we heard of and recently saw a leak of Verizons device timeline and earlier T-mobile’s we always cant believe what we see. 

As i recently know of a certain someone that had to recently fly to a certain area of the USA to take part in some special meeting I would only assume they were talking about a upcoming launch for t-mobile. Why i feel that its going to be a pretty decent launch is that certain someone had to sign a waiver to not discuss anything about it. Hmmm TOP SECRET!!!!! Hopefully its not something that they feel is huge but us being in the Tech world may be just like EH…… Whatev.

I guess only time will tell and stay tuned here to find out more.

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