Apple Changes Everything, Again…Again. For The Ninth Time.

| September 1, 2010 | Reply

Well, Apple’s done it again. For the 9th year in a row (and counting!) Apple has announced new versions of the iPod, iTunes, and other iProducts.

The new iPod Nano is now touch oriented, and about 1/2 the size of the last (5th) generation iPod Nano. It includes multitouch (with a screen that small, this editor is not quite sure why), a clip similar to the last few generations of the iPod Shuffle (so you don’t lose this microchip of an mp3 player),  built-in FM radio, an improved Genius, VoiceOver, and probably one of the better features, an inverted white-on-black display if you choose. Prices are 8GB – $149 USD, 16GB – $179 USD.

Also new and noted is the I-wonder-when-it’s-coming iPod Touch 4. Touting the apple of Apples eye (weird..) Retina Display, and a new slimmer look, this is a nice looking iPod. Called by Steve Jobs himself ‘An iPhone without the phone’, the iPod Touch now includes TWO cameras (big step up from zero), one front-facing for FaceTime, and the other for snapping some HD video or pictures. This camera apparently also works through FaceTime, so your friends can watch you watch tv..or something. This new iTouch will be launched with iOS 4.1, including the new GameCenter, so that will be something to look forward to for those looking to upgrade from older generations. Included in iOS 4 of course is multi-tasking, folders, and other such goodies. These will be priced as follows; 8GB – $229 USD, 32GB – $299 USD, and 64GB – $399 USD.

None of these would work together though without iTunes. The new mean, lean, music machine from Apple known as iTunes 10 has been officially unleashed to the world. New features include iTunes Ping – find out what artists (and friends?) are up to, when they tour, where they’re playing, and other information. Show Rentals – you can now rent HD tv shows for 99¢ per episode, which is a great price. You get 30 days from the minute you rent it, and 48 hours from the second you start it to watch the episode. Not a bad set up, Apple. Moving on, AirPlay – stream music to compatible devices (sure to be unleashed with very familiar looks and a fancy new pricetag, I imagine) straight from iTunes. AppleTV – newly redesigned AppleTV unit now works seamlessly with iTunes, constantly syncing your rentals, purchases, and libraries to your tv. And finally, “new syncing” for iPods, iPads, and iPhones – a new capacity bar (I wonder if Steve knew they’ve had this since 2004?) that tells you how much space you have left on your device in real time, as well as a new automatic App Sync when you use iTunes to change it around.

All in all, fairly regular, evolutionary (but not revolutionary) stuff for Apple. As each year passes, Apple products are dolled up and displayed to the world to change everything, again…again.

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