Blackberry Devcon : Whats this mean to you?

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For all you Blackberry fanatics, Devcon is almost here. What does this mean for the end user who would normally get bored at one of these geeky programming conventions? RIM might reveal their new break through in the tablet market to counter the iPad and Galaxy Tab by Samsung. We will know if they are going to be knock out hits or just duds but one thing is for sure is they need to impress some people that have lost hope in the company altogether. One thing to be hopeful about is the fact that they might go away from the Blackberry OS altogether and work with a different platform. To me this is a great idea since the new OS6 and the Blackberry hardware feels very incomplete and lacking many features that should be a standard in the cell phone world. The specs for this tablet named “BlackPad” will be very hefty boasting a 1 GHZ chip (which is found in most newer Android devices) and a front facing camera for video conferencing. I am giddy deep inside and want RIM to push through their past and give us something that we can use that is not only attractive but fast and functional. Although I fear down the road the fact that Blackberry App World is not the best of markets to get apps that will help this device succeed. Applications could also get a new announcement at Devcon where RIM may acknowledge what they need to fix to make sure applications or more content rich and allow the developer access to better tools. Also in the line up of news, developers may get a new download for Theme Studio 6 which will help developers produce themes for newer BlackBerry devices that have been on the market for awhile. With RIM we need to take everything with a grain of salt and hope for the best, here’s to Devcon!

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