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Alright, so I was bored and feeling productive… as you see that is a good thing! I have redone the original Droid X multi touch keyboard to a better black version with a special Droid Eye style voice level meter (that works so well!) This version only has been tested on the Droid X 2.2 Deodexed Rom so feel free to test it for your own application – I will go ahead and tell you how to load this on your device below….


  1. Download Zip from HERE
  2. Place on SD Card of device
  3. Boot into recovery (clockwork recovery or other custom recovery)
  4. Install Zip from SD Card
  5. Locate “” and click install
  6. Reboot and ENJOY :)

-If that didn’t work try this!

*The working way I done it requires your to grab “root explorer” via the market – Or any other method ;)*

Grab APK from Here

  1. Grab Apk and Throw it on your SD Card
  2. Open Root Explorer and navigate to /system/apps/
  3. Rename LatinIME.apk to LatinIME.bak (this will back it up in case of any problems so you can revert back to stock)
  4. Navigate to your SD Card via Root Explorer
  5. Long press “DroidX_Multi_WJD.apk” and click copy
  6. Navigate back to /system/apps/ via Root Explorer
  7. Rename “DroidX_Multi_WJD.apk” to “LatinIME.apk” then reboot or power cycle your device
  8. When device loads open Root Explorer
  9. Navigate to /system/apps/
  10. Tap “LatinIME.apk and click install
  11. Once installed go to your devices “settings” then to “Language & Keyboard
  12. Check the box next to “Multi-touch Keyboard” and make sure that is the selected input method
  13. Enjoy :)

*Some multi touch keyboards floating around are not done well – you will notice the “&” symbol on most are “&” instead and float of the key – this and many other incorrect coding – so I fixed it up in this one and made sure all the keys were correct woohoo*

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  • h0mewreck3r says:

    Installed they keyboard. Very nice look. Especially like the droid “eye” mic input with sound level.

    Kudos to WJDDesigns!

  • h0mewreck3r says:

    Installed they keyboard. Very nice look. Especially like the droid “eye” mic input with sound level.

    Kudos to WJDDesigns!