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| September 8, 2010 | Reply

Thanks to Google we do not have to hit the “enter” key on our keyboard or the “search” button on their website. Today it was announced that they will have their new auto complete AJAX system out to the public on desktop PCs right now. This system allows the user to type their search in and with every letter Google hits the search for you instantly like you never left the page. What does this mean to you? What if you searching a rather long question got Google to answer, or even part of your favorite song lyric or movie quote in the box. Each time you type a letter Google will show you your results in so you do not have to type all the lyrics or information out and it will present you with the correct page faster. Right now this is only out to people on desktop web platforms but it is now in BETA for Android and iPhone along with other mobile devices. Google always seems to amaze me on how much they want to pull ahead in ways to benefit the consumer with a price tag we all love, FREE!

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