GOOGLE TV invades your living room, soon?

| September 7, 2010 | Reply
Wow no way google is getting involved in something else now. Who would of thought that google would now be getting involved in TV.  Well its true the CEO of Google Eric Schmidt has announced that Google will be releasing their TV service this fall. From what we know Google TV will be combining the TV you already have and the internet into one. This sounds like something that will be pretty cool.  I guess it was only a matter of time before Google got their hands in the TV world since they are involved in a whole lot of other things in the Tech world.  It also seems like Google will be releasing their Google TV sdk soon after the launch of Google TV for Devs to build richer applications for the android market.
Reuters U.K. is reporting that Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, has stated that his company’s Google TV will debut in the U.S. “this autumn.” Speaking at IFA in Berlin, Schmidt told journalists, “we will work with content providers but it is very unlikely that we will get into actual content production.” The CEO said the new TV-based service would allow for full internet browsing and be available to a variety of electronic manufacturers for use. Add television to the list of fronts that Google and Apple will be doing battle on this fall.

To really find out more about the google Tv check out the Official Google blog here

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