How To: Remove Bloatware Bookmarks in your Browser on your Droid X!

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Okay so if your anything like me you hate having anything bloat ware related on your phone, and one thing has been bothering the hell out of me, that Verizon Wireless bookmark that can’t be deleted out your browser bookmarks!
Well now you can delete it!

Follow these simple steps:

Download modified defaults.xml file.
Download Link Here:

Using root explorer copy it.
Navigate to folder, system/etc/motorola/
Then Mount R/O
Then paste modified defaults.xml, overwriting the current stock defaults.xml
Viola! No more Verizon Wireless page bookmark! and I are not responsible for any damage done to your device while using or attemptin to use this modification. This is meant for ADVANCED OR KNOWLEDGEABLE USERS ONLY!

If you would like to manually edit XML and Modify yourself :
Simply Locate defaults.xml in folder described above.
Change :
int name=”preloaded_bookmark” value=”2″/
Change Value to 0
Should now look like so:
int name=”preloaded_bookmark” value=”0″/

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