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Social networking is no longer a hobby in the world today its honestly become a way of life. I’m sure everyone out there remembers when MySpace hit the scene and just blew up. It seemed like everyone out there had a myspace account. Not too long after that Facebook launched and like myspace just took off. Slowly MySpace started to slip behind the curtains and Facebook took over the social world.

One thing you could probably notice is everyone is always looking for is alternate ways to commuicate out there. If its not through Facebook its through Skype or Twitter you name it people will find it.

Its recently been announced that Skype and Facebook will form a partnership between their too platforms. What does this mean for the Facebook and Skype users? Well I’m glad you asked that. These too communication giants are coming together to provide some awesome features for their users.  Facebook wasn’t really looking to start its own telephony service so why not partner up with the worlds largest internet telephony service. Sounds good to me to be honest sounds like they trying to make it easier for their users to do all they can by just using one platform.

Now what this means is it will allow users to communicate via sms and and call Facebook contacts through Skype.  This is a great feature that I can see a lot of people taking advantage of. Also it will allow users to video chat using Facebook in Skype. Wow video chat with my Facebook contacts now that’s cool.

Now I know what many of you are wondering will this have any affect on each of the mobile applications. Well as we don’t know for sure yet if they will integrate this into their mobile applications but one could only think they will. I mean being that the world is always on the go it would only make sense for their mobile applications to have the same capabilities.

Below is a picture of possibly what the video chat may look like.

I found this picture over here where you can also find more info about the partnership.

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