Motorola Tries to “DEFY” the odds!

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I remember a while back we had heard about a new phone from Motorola code named “Jordan”. Well it looks like that Motorola has come full circle and announced the handset named “DEFY” Everyone remembers back in the day the only real rugged phones you could get were those big bulky phones from Nextel, and yes they were all made by Motorola. Finally looks like Motorola is taking  a step in the right direction for all those people that are hard on their phones and can’t really use alot of the data devices made these days.  If anyone is like myself they hate having even the littlest of dings on their phones.

The DEFY is going to be a pretty rugged device that looks like it will be able to stand up to alot of different situations. The device is set to launch on T-mobile with some pretty cool features. The Defy will be a rugged android phone with the use of MotoBlur as well. So now it looks like all those construction workers, fireman, etc will finally be able to have a nice android based data device without having to worry about ruining their devices too bad. The device will have a scratch resistant touchscreen, as well as water resistant as well. Thats crazy really a water resistant device wow, I’m guessing that doesn’t mean you can go swimming in the pool for hours at a time with your device, ha but its cool to have a device that is water resistant if you get stuck in a down pour.

Some other cool features of the device will be that it will have dual mics that will allow the ability to cancel out the background noise and will have the users voice be alot more crystal clear.  So if Motorola is gearing to aim this device to those construction workers then just by seeing some of the features it looks like Motorola is going in the right direction. No price as yet been released or official release date but rumors have it will be out around the holidays.

Now the big question is how will a rugged android data device be in todays market? Is this something that will fair good in today’s world, or will this be a flop? I would love to hear everyone’s opinion on this.


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