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Keeping up with all the Android applications available is a tough task to say the least, and because of this we will continue to bring you up to date with the latest, greatest, and often overlooked applications available.  Below you will find an overview of one of my favorite apps in the Android Market.  This very useful tool packs a huge punch in a very small space providing you quick access to some of the most used functions of your phone.  Check it out below and be sure to drop us a comment.  Enjoy!

Extended Controls:

Extended Controls is an application that adds a fully customizable widget to any of your home screens for instant access to the extended settings on your device.  You can customize the bar color as well as indicator colors, labels, icons etc.  This widget will give you 1 click access to easily manage the following:

2G-3G – Switches between 2G and 3G coverage

4G (WiMax) – Enables and disables 4G network

Hotspot Wi-Fi – Enable Hotspot WI-Fi

USB Tethering – Enable USB Tether

Data network – Enables and disables Data network (apn)

Wifi – Enables and disables wifi

Bluetooth – Enables and disables Bluetooth

Gps – Enables and disables Gps

Autosync – Enables and disables Autosync

Brightness – Changes the screen brightness

Autorotate – Enables or disables Autorotate feature

Airplane Mode – Enables or disables airplane mode feature

Media Scanner – Starts Media Scanner for scanning all media files

Silent/Vibrate – Switches between Normal and Silent/Vibrate

Stay awake – Allows keeping screen awake while charging

Timeout – Changes the screen timeout

Torch – Flashlight that allows using the phone as a torch

Autolock – Enables and disables Autolock

Lock Pattern – Enables and disables lock pattern

Silent – Switches between Normal and Silent

Always screen on – Allows keeping the screen on

Mass Storage – Enables and disables Mass Storage

Battery – Allows to view battery charge as an icon, percentage, or both

Reboot – Allows rebooting the system

Language – Allows you to change the current language of the system

Audio Manager – Switch between Mute-Vibration-Normal mode


I would recommend this app to virtually anyone looking to have the quickest access to these settings in one simple location.  Yes, there are separate widgets available and some that even come with certain devices, but most of them are big and bulky.  Extended Controls wraps it all up neatly in one simple widget.  You can pick it up for  €0.79 or about $1.20 US.  Hit up the links, or scan the QR code below and enjoy.  Be sure to send us pics of how you set up your widget!

App Brain

Market Link

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