Qualcomm Augments your Future, in photography…

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We all have seen augmented reality work, and if you haven’t yet please remove yourself from under the rock you have been living under. Augmented reality is a concept that allows you to immerse yourself in a 3d interactive environment through your devices camera. Using anything you see through the camera developers can digital go in and mess with that environment. One thing that has been a key feature is getting it work also work in the real world instead of hunting down fake ghosts through your phones camera. (SpecTrek Lite in Android Market) Qualcomm has engineered a way to have a person take any picture from their gallery on their Qualcomm chipped device and throw it up on a digitally picture frame that is WIFI enabled using augmented reality. Sure you can go to your digital photo frame and manually do this or send it via a device using Wireless ID’s but meh, why do that when you could do this. Alright so does your device have a Qualcomm chip? Most of the Android powered phones do indeed have this that are using the “snap-dragon” processor and the said to be Verizon iPhone will have a Qualcomm chip. Will this only support newer embedded Qualcomm chip devices, we do not know. One this is for sure that the future is look easier by the second.

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