Some Goodies coming to T-mobile, Accessories guide leaked!

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What is one think that really catches everyone’s attention in the tech world? If you don’t know by now then i don’t know what to tell you. Leaks, rumors and speculation is always a hot topic in the tech world.  Over the past couple of months we have heard and even seen a lot of rumors and speculation over some new devices coming to the Magenta brand. Some like the top secret ‘PROJECT EMERALD” AKA MYTOUCH HD,  a windows 7 phone and even a new Blackberry Bold. Like a i said earlier though back then it was all rumors and speculations.

There has also been a lot of partnership going on recently in the tech world like, the Dell Mini that launched awhile back on T-mobile. The recent rumors of T-mobile and Onstar pairing up etc etc. I have to admit although many may feel that the tech world has been kind of slow lately, what we all don’t know is what is going on behind all those closed doors. That’s where all the wonderful leaks that we all love and can’t live without comes into play. What else would get us through the months then leaks and rumors. Always making us all wanting more, wondering when the next big thing is coming out. Its always like giving the reader a tub of popcorn and just a dab of butter and letting them sit there wanting more. Well I have to admit I am also one of those people. I’m always logging on to Twitter or browsing the web wondering what is next.

Well thanks to a recent leak of a Accessory guide that has been brought to us from the guys over at TMONEWS.COM, we can now see some of the things T-mobile has up its sleeve. Now grant it we are not sure if these dates are for when they will be available in the stores or what but its nice to know that they are coming which means there has to be handsets in the wild.

If you take a close look at the list you will see phones like the Blackberry 9780, HTC G2, HTC HD7, and MOTO Jordan. Now these devices we all know probably what they are going to look like. There had been rumors of these devices in the past couple months and some even screenshots. Now some of these other devices are really making me wonder what they possibly could be. Devices like the LG OPTIMUS, DELL CLAIRE, and MOTO BEGONIA. Hmm interesting list of accessories  I must say so myself.

One I would really like to know more about is the DELL CLAIRE. Now if you take a close look at the list it says its a screen protector for the CLAIRE. So that really can’t be another dell mini (that would be one big screen protector) but yet a handset. A dell handset that is really making me wonder of the possibilities. Also the MOTO BEGONIA, hmm with the coming release of the MOTO JORDAN or also named the DEFY what could the BEGONIA possibly be. My opinion I have a feeling it could possibly be a new device like the CLIQ.

Now being that all the dates on this list are about a little over a month away that could mean some good things for a lot of  T-mobile customers. Yet like I said earlier these dates could just be the time period that the warehouse is getting them but also it could mean in store release. Well there you go there’s your popcorn keep checking back for some more butter.


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