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Say hello to the Droid 2 Global Edition in all it’s White glory?  That’s right, you are looking at a picture of the newest Droid to enter the family and it is looking sharp!  Thanks to Droid Life who leaked the images, we now have a face to put to the name.  This device will be the first “global” device with Droid branding and come with a 3.7″ screen despite rumors of a 4″ screen.  The early word about this device is that it will be the same as the current Droid 2 which was just released last month besides the new paint job and global capabilities.   We are even hearing rumors that the current Droid 2 could even be phased out sooner than expected.  I am sure this will make a lot of Droid 2 customers unhappy, but I know that any of you waiting to upgrade will certainly be excited doing so here.  Check out the pics of this gorgeous device below and drop us a comment with your first impressions.

Say hello to the Droid 2 Global.  (At least that’s what we’re calling it anyway.)  The next Droid device to join our growing family has a new look, white.  We had a pretty good idea this would be launching in something other than black or blue, but these photos just cemented that.

The D2 Global is the first of the “DROID” franchise to hit “world edition” status and will be a key player for those business travelers who bounce from country to country outside of the U.S.  It’s about time right?

There is also this nasty little rumor floating around suggesting that the original Droid 2 may be on the outs in favor of the up and coming Droid 2 Global.  After seeing these exclusive pics of it, we might just believe it.  This device looks identical aside from a color change and what appears to be a purely silver top rather than the gun metal look the D2 had.

Oh, and this is still a 3.7″ screen and not the 4″ version many were hoping for.

Check out 2 more exclusive shots after the break!

Courtesy of  Droid Life

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