Team Black Hat Releases Droid X 2.2 SBF : We Give Thanks

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Within a day of the official leak for Froyo 2.2 for the Droid X , Team Black Hat has made sure we don’t have to return our phone to VZW with a boot loop and a face of “uhm I dunno what happened?!?” This is a good thing since we all love to modify the system with themes and other goodies and in case of something happening all we need to do is SBF with their version and we are all better. Before if you used the 2.1 SBF it would make your device non operable and would be in a non retrievable boot loop. Team WJD had to thank the team the one way we knew how, redo their team graphic. As you see above we made sure the “thanks” looks good since our name is attached.TBH was quick to point out this is not a full SBF but will still recover your device to a workable state.

This is not a full sbf file, it will not cure the worlds ailments. It will recovery your system to the stock 2.3.13 odexed state. If you mess up something other than the system partition this will not fix your problem. But if your only trying to theme or delete blur this will work if something goes wrong.

Make sure you grab RSD Lite and the new SBF needed via and make sure you read instructions on this touchy matter. Check it out here

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