25% OFF Offer on all Android Swag via AndroidUnplugged

| October 18, 2010 | Reply

Like what you see? Our friends over at AndroidUnplugged.com is hooking up fans of WJD Designs with a 25% off ENTIRE ORDER coupon starting today and ending Friday. Android Unplugged carries a range of swag from woman’s intimate wear to some fly zip up hoodies with Andy hanging off the side. They have some of the best clothing at amazing prices, and to add on to all that YOU get 25% off until next Friday! We want to thank AU for giving us this opportunity to blog this great sale and we appreciate when companies reach out to us and give us these opportunities. Don’t forget that we will be giving away a full in-car entertainment package with two touch screens and a DVD combo with dual headphones. Listen to the podcast to find out how you can win the Vizualogic package. You can go ahead and grab some swag right now from AndroidUnplugged.com and remember to enter in WJDROID during checkout to receive your 25% off, ENJOY!

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