Dark Vanilla Lockscreen mods for Droid X.

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So I am not a big fan of the stock Droid X lockscreen, however I do like the regular Vanilla Lockscreen.  Over on XDA I found some dark vanilla lockscreen sliders and decided to mod them for my Droid X.
You can use metamorph and keep your theme!
As of right now I haven’t added a vibrate icon with the right slider.  Sliding from right to left will either turn sound on, or turn on vibrate mode. Also they are only supported in portrait mode.

Also I am not responsible for any and all damage this may do to your phone/device, neither is wjddesigns.com.

Froyo 23.15 or higher.



Thanks to MrDanger

Instructions on Metamorph:
1. Download Metamorph (Market app)
2. Open Metamorph and Start Checks
3. Choose “Unzip/Extract new theme”
4. Navigate to where you downloaded the Metamorph theme. (There is an arro take you to the root of your sdcard)
5. Choose the .zip and select “Apply all!”
” 6. The phone will reboot and you will be forced to enjoy your new lockscreen

Credit goes to ghostlypickel on XDA for the pngs, I just packaged them up.
And credit to MrBobrowitz for the Galaxy S Framework and theme! All I did was edit lockscreen pngs! Best theme around Galaxy S!!!
Credit to drod2169 for his rubiX ROMs.
Credit to P3droid & Team Black Hat for Tranquility and Froyo Leaks.

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