Droid X gets some added Juice : Overclocking made easy

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Sometimes you do not want to go through the hassle of having to do some code to get something that might not be worth it in the end.

Thanks to JRummy16 he has made the “Droid X/2 Overclock” application which allows the user to set the voltage AND THEN set the overclocking frequency. Remember to be weary to try out the settings before making them solid on boot in case the device may get in some sort of odd reboot pattern. Check out the screen shots of the sexy user interface of his app below and get to making sure your Droid X gets progressively faster in due time. Will this be a crazy significant difference for you? Maybe and Maybe not since if your the average user you will never see much off a difference, but to the person that does batch operations or if you are a power user every 100MHZ helps in some way. Under volting will prove better battery life but in the end you will have to make the performance verse batter life choice, choose wisely!

If you want another alternative to overclock your Droid X/2 please feel free to check out the application below – we recommend the one above because of the vast amount of options and functions.

Unstable Apps is giving us the a simple GUI version of the overclocking codes going around. Most people thought overclocking wouldn’t be done since the boot-loader is locked down which won’t allow multiple kernels which helps us achieve overclocking. Once you open the application your presented with a disclaimer to let you know the responsibilities that are involved with overclocking and messing up your devices. Getting past that pop-up you will have an option to change your device to:

  • 100% Stock (1GHZ)
  • Stock Voltage (1.1GHZ)
  • Low Voltage (1GHZ)
  • 1.2 GHZ @ 6.2v
  • 1.3GHZ @ 6.6v

Once you apply the setting they will be shown in detail on the screen after. I recommend grabbing a CPU diagnostic application off the market like “CPU Benchmark” which are from the same people that will test your overclocking to make sure it sits in.

WJD Designs Does not take responsibility to what you do to your own device…

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