Droid X overclocked to 2.0 GHz speeds a Hoax?

| October 22, 2010 | 5 Replies


We recently reported that the Droid X and Droid 2 had been overclocked to the amazing speeds of 2.0 GHz! (See article here)

But sad to say that it appears we have been duped by the new “Team DeFuse”, and that it is a possible fake.

The information comes from long time developer coolbho3k, who is also the creator of the great app “setcpu”.  As a long time member if the Android community, I personally consider him to be one if the most well known and trusted developers that our community has to offer.

His recent tweets explain it all:

@coolbho3k Okay, the 2GHz video is a deliberate and obvious hoax, not even confusion.

@coolbho3k Probably baksmali’d setcpu or did some very weird stuff with the Milestone Overclock module.

@coolbho3k The G1 community got this a long time ago: Just because CPUfreq (and by extension SetCPU) says you’re running at 2GHz doesn’t mean you are.

So it looks like we have been duped, as I would put my faith in coolbho3k any day of the week.  But what do you think? Let us know.

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  • Ulathuruil says:

    How are they determining that? Drod2169, of rubix fame, is working with team defuse who are working on fission rom. I was in the room last night when this was done. While I did not see it being done in person I was in the chat while it was being discussed if it was even possible. There was no intent to create a hoax for some attention. It was merely one team member trying to prove another wrong and was repeated by another person in the chat room at the same time. I don’t see any reason for them to be performing a hoax and a member of their team is the dev for rubix rom so…I would ask for proof this is not real not speculation otherwise this is just gossip. There is a reason by the bible condemns gossip; it is because it destroys the rep of others unjustly.

    • Blair West says:

      I understand your point, but drod2169 had nothing to do with this and he agrees with me that this is not possible. He and I speak often as I have beta tested for him, and we have been talking most of the day. I don’t pretend to know the intentions of this, im just reporting the news…so people can hear both sides. I personally would take coolbho3k and drod2169 and my own experience over their word, but to each their own.

    • Well this is my take on it..

      I agree with the setcpu creators comments about “just because it says 2ghz, doesn’t mean it is”
      Personally, my X won’t go past 1.38GHz and I see NO reason to go past that. I’ve been discussing this for the past few hours with Blair, who I respect very much,and this is my outcome from our conversation:

      I believe 2GHz might be possible, given the nature of the TI processors and the history of the D1 with them, doubling its speed easily. Note, this is WITH custom kernels. I believe the Milestone can reach the same speeds as the d1 though, which is why I think 2GHz may be a reality. Any higher than that, no, I don’t believe the processor actually runs that. Actual processor limitations, much less kernel limitations AND kernel panic would kick in around there, and may read it goes higher, but stops you there.
      WalCS said in the IRC not long ago, to run that speed, you’d need a 96 vsel, which would mean your phone is receiving ~6.7V. Your cpu only gets around ~5ish V’s. I believe (may not necessarily true, just my opinion) that if your battery laster long enough to get off the charger, It would fry your cpu running at that speed, or at the very least, drain your battery in around 10-20 minutes.

      The point of overclocking is the best combination of performance and battery life. I keep my phone running at 1.15 GHz with a 46 vsel. I see no need to go higher. My phone already responds at my every touch, without any hesitation, and loads web pages as fast as the 3g speed will let it. Would a 2 GHz phone be nice? Sure it would. My cpu is a Dual Core 3.33ghz, it’d be pretty damn cool to run around that same speed. Necessary? No.. it’s not a lap top, it’s not a net book, it’s not a desktop. At least, it’s not necessary to me. I was happy with my D1 at 800MHz.

  • Ulathuruil says:

    I think there was some discussion on the readout in setcpu being unable to accurately read frequencies that high. There was also some discussion on whether it was even practical to run the DX at 2ghz. I think the conclusion was possible just not practical for various reasons.