Facebook partners with Bing and brings some new features.

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Microsoft has just announced a partnership with Facebook that integrates Bing search results into Facebook. Microsoft spokeswoman Kirby Prawdzik made it a point to speak on a few of the newest let features

Liked Results.
Now when customers search on Bing, they’ll see relevant links and results “Liked” by their Facebook friends, providing a unique and personal search experience for each user. Built on Facebook’s public “Like” platform, this feature shows searchers the pages or links that their friends found interesting for the search term. Bing takes advantage of a person’s social network to show personalized search results based on what their friends have liked or shared as a link on Facebook. These results appear in a box on the search resu page and differ for each user depending on what their friend liked.

Facebook Profile Search.

Conducting a search for an individu can be challenging, but Bing now surfaces information for people based on their relevancy to the searcher’s Facebook network and friends. When searching for an individual, Bing looks at a person’s Facebook network and surfaces results t make the most sense based on the relationships the searche has with people on Facebook. For example, results for comm names such as “Bob Smith” will be ranked higher if a person shares mutual friends or networks. This “social distance” is used to provide people with the most personally relevant answers for people searches.

We will have to wait and see if this will help Microsoft’s Bing gain any ground in the” Search Engine” battles, as Google is firmly planted as the number one.  But you never know, with Windows Mobile 7 Series coming soon, perhaps some ground can be gained there.  Let us know what you think.

Feel free to read more at the offical Bing Blog

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