Google updates Youtube App, finally making it a worthwhile download ….

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One of the apps on my Android devices has always bothered me, the Youtube App.  It has generally always been sluggish and the app UI pretty ugly.  I always expected since Google owns Android and Youtube it would be a better experience, but until today I have always been very disappointed.

Tonight I download the new Youtube App from the market to my Droid X, and I am loving it!  The not only cleaned and polished up the UI, but also the widget.  The new YouTube app now supports in-page playback, allowing you read comments while a video is playing.  As well as watching video in full screen, simply by rotating the display.  Also while watching a video you now have a nifty and easy to drag bar at the bottom to drag and fast forward or rewind whatever video you are watching.

Video load times seem to still be a little slow for me, but that’s a connection and carrier issue I believe, so don’t expect blazing HQ videos unless you are on wifi or sporting 4G.

The new YouTube app for Android is available as a free download from the Android Market, download it and let us know what you think.

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