HTC serves up some Renaissance

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Htc, how do you make hardware look so good. We are looking at a picture of the rumored HTC Knight which looks very similar to the HTC Evo and we don’t mind design copy at all when it looks that good. There are speculations that the device is actually a slider mixed in with that Evo screen we all came to enjoy. Will this device come out or will this hide in the shadows and never come to fruition? If this does come out for Sprint would you buy this just because it has a slide out keyboard? Let us know and check out the source below.

What do we know about the picture above? Not much more than meets the eye — this alleged HTC Knight is for Sprint and navigates Android using capacitive touchscreen keys. We do get a little more detail from the source of the image, who gave XDA-developers an XML file that mentions users should not “slide screen in/out” during activation. That certainly suggests that we’re looking at a slider, but not necessarily a physical QWERTY keyboard — after all, a very similar-looking HTC device recently appeared sporting a slide-out speaker bar.

Source : Engadget

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