Is this a special edition Motorola Droid X ??

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Website has been given a tip from a tipster on a reported special silver edition of the Motorola Droid X.  There hasn’t been any offical word on whether or not this is true, but check out the pic and article and see for yourself. says:

We’ve recently recieved this image from a Verizon insider showing what is called the Motorola DROID X SE. Now what does the SE stand for? Either “Silver Edition” or “Special Edition”. As you can see by the image, the bezel around the display is now silver in color, though no word on if the back is also silver. At this point, little is know about this device, but we’ve heard it may come with the same 1.2GHz CPU that is going to be used on the Motorola DROID 2 Global that is expected out later this year. We’ll let you know when we hear anything new about the DROID X SE.

So what do you think? Real or fake?


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