Microsoft acquires Canesta : Keyboard and Mouse get Nervous

| October 31, 2010 | Reply

Gesture control makers Canesta was bought out by Microsoft recently in a very Google like acquisition to achieve a stronger hold in their technology. Canesta, if anybody doesn’t know, is a company who makes sure we need our mouse and keyboard a little bit less while we do our computer related stuff. They have developed highly precised ways of detecting movement and interpreting it to movements need in the PC environment.

The same technology Canesta has developed is in fact inside the ps3 “Eye Toy” and Xbox 360 “Kinect” units. It is interesting that Microsoft acquired them and made sure that if they do improve their technology it will only stay in Microsoft’s hands. We can’t wait to see the future of things to come, hope fully some Windows 8 love is on horizon. Either way it is a great window (no pun intended) to see things to come from Microsoft’s future. Check out the video of the gesture technology below, and let us know if this type of technology would be useful for things that you do!

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