New video explains the issues regarding the white iPhone 4 delay

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We all know that the white Apple iPhone 4 has been delayed for 5 months now.  earlier in the week we heard it had been pushed out to spring of 2011, but recent reports are suggesting that it may just be canceled altogether.  We have heard that there are camera and/or mismatching paint issues that have hindered the release of this sought after device but no real concrete information from Apple themselves.  Well The group of guys over at JLE have decided to take the matter into their own hands by releasing the “Banned white iPhone 4 promo” video for all of us to enjoy and I think you will all agree it is hysterical.  Check it out below and be sure to drop us a comment with your thoughts.

We couldn’t help ourselves with this one.  The creator of the “banned” Apple products series has come back with a new rendition featuring the hot topic of the enemy world, the white i*hone 4.  These videos are classics and I’m telling you that almost any Android lover will get at least a few chuckles from this one and it also helps that the guy behind this awesomeness reads our site on a daily basis.  It makes our list today because of the Droid 2 mention at the 2:20 mark.  It apparently “does”…

Source:  DroidLife

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