Sony’s 46″ Google TV will be $500 cheaper than you thought?

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If you told me that I could get a 46″ Sony TV for $1399 I would call you a liar.  If you tried to convince me that same Sony 46″ TV was their Google TV I would say you are out of your mind, but it might be true!  Earlier this month when revealing prices for Sony’s Google TV we had heard the price for the 46″ model to come in at $1899, and I had already started getting ready to purchase it when available.  We know that tomorrow is the day that Sony will actually unveil their Google TV lineup, but Sony Insider is claiming that the original MSRP we were given was indeed wrong and the corrected $1399 price point should make moving these units a breeze.   Check out the story below and be sure to drop us a comment.  How many of you will be purchasing one of these units asap?

Sony’s TV line-up with Google TV is being unveiled tomorrow, but a lot of us can’t wait that long. We want details NOW! We may have gotten one big update on their line-up, though, as we’ve learned from SonyInsider that the original MSRP of $1,899 for the 46-inch SKU was a mistake: it’s actually going to be $500 less at $1,399. That’s a significant drop in price and should make these TVs a lot more attractive.


We still have no word on their 24-inch, 32-inch, or 40-inch options, but I think it’s safe to say that those will go even easier on the  pockets. Phandroid will be live at Sony’s event tomorrow where they’ll launch their new products and we’ll be happy to usher along the details when that time comes. Until then, let’s let out some more drool over the Logitech Revue. That should do well to hold us over.

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