SPB Mobile Shell 5.0 going in tour! Soon to be available for Android, Windows Mobile, and Symbian.

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Remember back at Mobile World Congress in February when SPB announced SPB Mobile Shell 5.0?  Well if you have ever been a Windows Mobile user like I was chances are you used or have seen SPB Mobile Shell in action, and 5.0 is finally starting to get ready to hit the streets!

According to their press release: SPB will be hosting a SPB Mobile Shell 5.0 Road launch the product, which starts today in San Francisco and will include cities such as Londo Taipei, Moscow, Sao Paulo, Cape Town, Berlin, amongst others.

Mobile Shell 5.0 will bring in a lot of changes to the U.I, namely new device support, such as Android and Symbian.  SPB says;

SPB Mobile Shell has been publicly recognized as the best-selling mobile application across all for three consecutive years: 2007, 2008 and 2009. At the same time SPB Mobile Shell enjoys popu carriers and OEMs. It’s been shipped to over 15 device manufacturers, including Sony Ericsson make implementation process even smoother, we have added SPB UI Builder 2.0 a tool-chain f SPB Mobile Shell and other products that are built using the SPB UI Engine. It includes APIs for p skin builder and a set of plug-ins for integration with industry strength design products such a Expression Blend.
What’s new in SPB Mobile Shell 5.0: New 3D engine Natural Interaction Engine 3D widgets
Tight integration with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks SPB UI Builder 2.0
Multi-platform support: Android, Windows Mobile, Symboan.

So anyone else excited to see this come out?

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