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In the world of Android applications there seems to be an overwhelming nature when trying to browse the Market.  There are just too many choices.  Where do I start?  What am I looking for?  Whats the best (insert category here)?  If you have found yourself asking those questions you might want to keep it here as we continue to bring you the best of Android apps.  The latest and greatest, as well as apps that we all use and love on a daily basis as we continue to give you the information you need to lighten your search.  Well tonight, Blair and I will go over 2 application that we both could not be without.  Check them out below and be sure to tell us what apps you couldn’t be without.  Enjoy!

QueueMan – Blair West

(Free, and $1 Donate versions available)

My favorite Android application this week is “QueueMan” by Eddie Webb.  This last week I found myself down with a cold/flu and stuck laying around the house with nothing really to do but watch Netflix on my Xbox 360.  I found myself wanting to add another season on Law and Order SVU into my Instant Que, but to my dismay Netflix website was down.  That’s when I decided to skim the Android Market for a Netflix app, and after trying a couple found myself falling in love with QueueMan.

The basis of this application is simple and not flashy at all.  It simply allows you to add/remove items from your various Netflix Que’s, search the Netflix data base for shows and movies, and manage them.  It even worked for me when the Netflix website was down!  The app isn’t very technical at all, it is very straightforward and easy to use.  Pressing menu button gets you some useful option like “Search Netflix”, “Refresh Que”, and “At Home”, all self explanatory and work perfectly.  You can also choose to switch between managing you Instant or Normal Que.

I also need to mention that the app is very fast, with other Netflix apps it was painfully slow while searching and adding dvd’s to my que.  I was able to add 3 dvd’s to my que in the application, and within 1 minute it was in my Xbox 360 Netflix Que.

So if you want a simple and easy way to manage your Netflix Que’s then this app is for you, at least until Netflix gets around to making an offical application for Android.

App Brain

Alarm Clock Plus – Chris Bogart

(Free, and $1.79 Ad-Free Paid Versions available)

My app of the week is Alarm Clock Plus which is an absolute must have alarm for anyone looking for options who may or may not like the stock alarm that your device came with.  The idea is simple, it’s an alarm clock, but the options available make this the best available in my opinion.  The app opens up your default alarm home screen and clicking the alarm icon you will immediately see you have multiple alarms.  This is something that is missing from the stock and other alarm apps.  The alarms are fully customizable for time, day or days of the week and you can choose mp3′s, ring tones, or even apps that will open up when your alarm goes off.

I love this app because it has some extra goodies that some of the other apps do not offer.  You can choose a math problem that you have to solve in order to dismiss, or snooze the alarm.  This to me is an excellent idea for those of us who can simply turn their alarm off in their sleep.  You can set the type of math problem for snooze or dismiss.  There is also an auto snooze/dismiss which can be turned on or off as well as a slew of other options for how and when you snooze or dismiss making this the absolute best alarm app out there.  The alarms home screen shows you the date and time, as well as the weather if you choose and there is even a screen saver option which of course is user customizable.  There are just so many things about this app that make it quality without having to spend a dime.

I recommend this app to anyone who may or may not have trouble waking up in the morning, or if you’re just looking for a solid alarm clock with multiple alarms and a ridiculous amount of options and settings to truly make it your own.  Grab it below for free!

App Brain

Let us know what you think?  What other apps would you like to see, and what are the current “Must Have” apps on your device?

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