Steve “The Crazy Man” Jobs Vs Andy “Android” Rubin & Tweetdeck : FIGHT!

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Oh Steve Jobs and your crazy rants. Sure you do bring up some good points but in the end you look crazy doing so. During yesterday’s Apple’s earnings call he prepared a rant up about the differences between Apple and their competition including Google and Microsoft in the mix. He wanted to make sure people understood that the “Open” environment that we all love is just a smoke-screen to make the fragmentation of the Android OS hidden. He proclaims that the user does not care about all the Open source talk yet he uses OS fragmentation term freely which is another thing the normal user doesn’t care about. The fact is having this open source OS gives the developer or manufacturer the OS code to manipulate and develop something completely different and in turn help the OS grow. With the amount of different Android handsets and UI changes only gives the end user options rather than being full blown one handset/OS combo. Jobs also made sure to bring up the cross platform Twitter client “Twitterdeck” (which he meant to say Tweetdeck) was basically hating every step while developing their software to use on the Android OS. The funny thing is the CEO from Tweetdeck made it clear by saying “we only have 2 guys developing on Android TweetDeck so that shows how small an issue fragmentation is”, and the words below via twitter:

Twitter also was a great rebuttal ground for the founder of Android himself Andy Rubin which made sure Steve didn’t have the last laugh. Andy simply replied with a line of code showing how easy open source is for the community to use. No finger pointing or harassment but a simple line of code to poke some fun.

With fur flying and fan boys coming together this season it is getting very tense. But the thing we need to see here is the fact that everyone could be right and wrong and numbers will never lie. The consumer in the end will tell us what they want but in the mean time we should give the user options so they don’t have to think you can only do something with one device. IMHO the smoke-screen is making things proprietary and advertising like that is the only way the user can do it. If you can do something just as good with a device that is from a different manufacturer and maybe with a different lesser price tag then we should let the user know and give them a choice whether or not they want it. We need to know that the “end user” is becoming smarter and smarter every year and progressing We need to keep this in mind that users also change just like devices. So let me ask you this question. Should we give options to the user or confine them to one device, just because it “works?” Sound off below in the comments while you listen to Steve’s rant about Google below.

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