Verizon Wireless charging $299 for the Droid Pro?

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I’m not to sure what to think about this, but our friends over at DroidLife have seemed to grab a screen shot from a test website that Verizon Wireless is running which shows the pricing of the Droid Pro at $299 with a 2yr contract.  This seems a little off considering all of these devices as of late have come out with the $199 after rebate pricing, but they even have an iPad screen shot showing the correct $699 price which leads us to believe that they will in fact be selling these things for $299.  Fingers crossed here, I’m not too sure that these things would exactly fly off the shelf at $299 when you have other devices that some would suggest are better, coming out at the $199 price point.  We will know for sure soon enough and maybe VZW will throw in the $100 rebate like we are assuming.  Check out the screens below and let us know what you think?  Would you pay $299 for the Droid Pro?

Anyone willing to pay $299 for the Droid Pro on November 11th?  A test site is now live for the next Droid family member and that’s exactly the price we’re seeing.  Will it stick?  We’re hoping that it won’t and is likely just a default price during an initial setup of a device’s page and that a $100 instant rebate will come when it goes live.  Or is this the new pricing model for the set of new global roaming Android devices from Verizon like the Droid 2 Global?  Interesting stuff, that’s for sure.

And one more shot from my phone…

Update:  An iPad test page is also live showing a $699 price which is correct.  Looks like $299 might be correct after all, but they could still slap on a rebate…

Thoughts everyone?

Cheers wade_county!

Courtesy of DroidLife

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