Verizon’s rebate form shows several November releases….

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Engadget was able to get their hands on a Carrier rebate form of Verizon’s for the month of November.  Normally this would just show various rebate fluctuations of current devices, but this time with several new devices coming to Verizon customers in November, the form shows several new details.

Engadget explains:

1.There are two SKUs listed for the Droid 2 Global, but only one for the Droid Pro, leading us to wonder whether it’ll actually be the Global that’s getting a cameraless version.

2.Speaking of Motorola, the WX445 Citrus is in the mix for the first time. 

3.There are two new SKUs for the Bold 9650, possibly indicating the release of new versions with BlackBerry 6 pre-installed.

4. The LG Cosmos Touch is in here, which we imagine will be a touchscreen successor to the Cosmos.

5. There’s a Samsung Zeal listed with a $50 rebate, but we’re not sure what it is –we know that Sammy has a number of Android phones in the pipe for Verizon, and we suppose this could be one of ‘em (likely low-end considering it’s not a $100 rebate).

6.  More interestingly, the Samsung Continuum is in here, suggesting that the November 8 event could be for this dual-screened (and Galaxy S-branded) beast. $100 rebate here.

7. The Pre 2 is in the system with a $100 rebate.

So what deevice are you looking forward to getting next month? Let us know.

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