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Just think of all the things you touch throughout your day. Then think of how many other people have touched those things…..ok, back with me now? Do you really think everyone else out there washes their hands after “critical events” in their daily lives? Yeah, gross eh. Well let’s skip ahead to something else we do every day, all day, play around and work on our smart phones. So those germs you picked up on the door handle entering the building, or the coffee pot in the break room and worst of all the bathroom door end up on the face of your phone when you surf the web or bang out an SMS or play Angry Birds. As well, if you put your phone to your face while on a call, those germs transfer and can end up getting in your ear nose and throat. Not cool. Following is the Engadget article that spurred this alert:

If you have even the slightest inclination towards Mysophobia then please, do yourself a favor and stop reading now. A Stanford University study found that if you put a virus on a touchscreen surface then about 30 percent of it will make the jump to the fingertips of anyone who touches it. From there it goes into the eyes, mouth, or nose — whichever face-hole is in most urgent need of a rub. And just to drive the point home, the Sacramento Bee adds this little nugget from an unspecified British study: “Mobile phones harbor 18 times more bacteria than a flush handle in a typical men’s restroom.” Eww. You know, sometimes its best not to know how the sausage is made.

Source:  Engadget

So, now that you are glaring at your phone with a disgusted look on your face, let’s talk about how to help keep the germs at bay. Like many, I like to keep my devices in perfect condition. I have a snap on case and a screen protector. I’m careful when removing it from my pocket so I don’t fling it across the room and never put it in harms way when liquids are involved. Sounds like I have it covered, right? Nope. I also use a product much like a wetnap you would get with carryout ribs. It’s called Wipe’N Clear. It’s targeted for eyeglass lenses but I found it to work magic on my devices. Anything I use this on comes out looking and feeling brand new, much like the day you unboxed your latest unit. Now mind you, I have no way of measuring the microbe content before and after but these have alcohol in them as well as detergent and an anti static substance of some sort. I have never had any issues using these. They are not dripping wet but just damp enough to get the job done. So, I would recommend using something similar (always check manufacturers usage recommendations for device safety) to clean your beloved companion or it could become your worst enemy. Enjoy good health and wash it before you use it!

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