Why Android > Apple in Application Development

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We all have heard Steve Jobs take pokes at how Chaotic the Android world is and how “fragmented” the Android OS is but in reality this could be a good thing. With all this chaos shines a light of coded architecture that could bring hope to developers wanted to raise the bar using API’s. What are API’s you ask? API or application programming interface are basically like “codes” that allow developers to open up ways to connect to the whole operating system. Imagine doors that are closed and if you have the key you can access the information freely. Apple sees this as a security threat and wants to keep their propriety minds closed to only their own software developers. This hurts the customers since developers need those open doors to provide better quality applications that do more.

An Example of two pieces of software that need the use of APIs are the ones featured in the videos we posted below. Skype and Aro are two pieces of software that improve your way of life. Missing out on great applications like this may or may not hurt Apple as a business but in the end with hurt customers if they do not have better quality applications. We even heard Jobs say that the App Store had way better quality applications, we beg to differ. Tell us if these kind of applications help your life out or you look forward to using these in the comments below. Skype and Aro videos Below…

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