WJD Fan Art : Android 3D Chill

| October 24, 2010 | 1 Reply

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We on the WJD site love when fans make stuff for us since it shows we are appreciated somewhere in the virtual world. Sometime we inspire people to reach back to what they loved to do in the past and that is exactly what we did here. I posted some 3D artwork earlier on Twitter and user @krayzee2k9 saw this as an opportunity to one up me and get back to his old hobby. I saw some of his older 3D art and I was impressed so when he told me he was going to play around with a WJD Designs inspired 3D piece I was giddy like a school girl. (Blame Me?) Well as you see above he used Andy, Blue tones, Tubes, and Liquid to give us something with a cool feeling. If you have any fan work you want us to throw on the site to show off we would love to get some more. And if you love his work hit us up in the comments to tell him how cool it is, I know he will love that! Thanks @krayzee2k9!

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