Telus Adds New Early Upgrade Policy

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Telus has at long last – and much appreciation from customers – introduced a new upgrade initiative today part of their Clear and Simple Device Upgrade program, and will help you get a device possibly much earlier than you would think. It will basically enable certain customers (although they never specify who) to upgrade their device before the end of their term by paying an EDUF – Early Device Upgrade Fee, and they can get a new device at full discount, ie 3-year term pricing. This fee is is calculated based on how much you originally paid for the device (discount, no discount, term length, etc.) plus the number of months left on your contract. The longer you wait, the lower your fee will be. Depending on the phone you have, this is what Telus gives us;

Here’s how it works:

TELUS discounts the cost of your device when you sign up on a 1, 2, or 3 year term. If you want to upgrade your device before the end of your term, simply pay the Early Device Upgrade fee and get a new device at full discount. This fee is calculated based on the discount you originally received when your contract began, and the number of months remaining in your contract. The longer you wait, the lower your fee.

Step 1: Pay the Early Device Upgrade Fee to pay off the remaining portion of the discount you received when you first signed up. The fee is calculated based on the type of phone you have, multiplied by the number of months remaining in your contract (See the table below).

Step 2: Choose your new device and receive the fully advertised discount.

Things to keep in mind with the Early Device Upgrade Fee:

  • You are eligible for this offer once you have completed 6 months of your new contract or reached 6 months since your last upgrade.
  • This fee is non-refundable.
  • If you are on the Credit Limit Program you will not be eligible for the Early Device Upgrade Fee offer.

There are exceptions to those who are eligible for this. Business and Corporate Bans are not included in this. Clients within the first 6 months of their contract and Credit Limit Protection (CLP) clients are not eligible. Reading over the doc there are also some opportunities for customers to get the EDUF waived but it’s based on how much you spend a month and the time left you have on your contract.

I’m excited for this, as someone who goes through devices faster than seasons change, this is good news for me.

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