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As we continue to bring you the latest and greatest in Android applications, we take a look at 2 absolute “Must Have” apps for the rooted user.  We will continue to keep you up to date with the perfect Android apps whether you are a seasoned veteran or brand new user.  Check out the overview below and let us know if you’re currently using any of these as well as what others you would like to see in our spotlight.

Blair West:  SetCPU

There are very few apps that are a must have for me, no matter what Android device I am using, and SetCpu is one of them.  It has been designed and constantly updated by the great developer coolbho3000. SetCPU is a CPU speed tweaking application for Android. More specifically, it allows control of certain aspects of the Linux cpufreq driver, allowing for overclocking, underclocking, or tweaking speeds on many Android devices. It will work with most if not all rooted Android 1.5/1.6/2.0/2.1/2.2 builds on supported devices.

In layman’s terms SetCpu allows you to manage your overclock speeds of your devices CPU.

There are four screens in SetCpu, I will only cover two of them as seen above as the other two are for advanced users and not your average Joe.  The first and main tab allows you to simply slide a slider and set your Max overclock speed and your Lowest underclock speed, simple and to the point.  Next it allows your to change what governor your device reads, and it also allows you to set your current speeds when your device boots.  A word to the wise though, be very carefull when setting a speed on boot, not every device can always handle overclocking at all times.

The absolute best part of SetCpu is the “Profiles” feature.  This allows you to set the speeds of your CPU to automatically scale your overclocking and underclocking speeds depending on what your phone is doing.  For example, my Droid X is set to scale way down 500 MHz Max speed when my screen is off.  This allows me to save tons of battery, as my Droid is automatically slowing down when I am not using it.  There are some other great options in profiles, such as while the phone is charging, or to have your phone scale speeds down depending on temperature.  The rest of the settings and tests that are part of SetCpu I would only recommend for more advanced users.

This app is available in the Market as well as on XDA Forums and be sure and thank the developer coolbho3000 for all his hard work and constant updating!

XDA Thread for his App Here:

Chris Bogart:  ShootMe

With all the different, yet limited screen shot applications out there I have been using ShootMe by Johan Cloetens for a while now.  The premise is simple, this is an application for rooted users to take screen shots (frozen images) of anything on your device.  Screen shots are popular among users who want to share images or information on their screen to other users via email, messaging, or a slew of different social applications and ShootMe has all the features I have been looking for.

When you open the app and grant Super User Permissions you’re given the option to accept or reject which open or closes the app.  Once you click accept you can simply hide the menu and you’re ready to go.  Navigate to the screen you are looking to capture and simply shake your phone to take the image.  You will hear a shutter sound knowing that you have taken your picture, but my favorite feature is the ability to keep taking shots without having to re-open the application.

As you can see in the pics above the quality is just as good, if not better than other screen shot applications out there.  The other thing you will notice is unlike other apps, ShootMe does not leave a camera or any other icon in your notification bar so you simply have a full screen shot without anything in the way.  ShootMe is available for FREE so grab it now and let us know what you think.


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