Android ButtonRemaper Beta, Customize your Device buttons to do what You want.

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As most of you know I spend an unhealthy amount of times in the Android and WinMo forums, so sometimes I come across some pretty cool mods and themes and what nots.  Last night was no different, I found XDA member appelflap’s ButtonRemapper Beta V.2 and had to share it with everyone.  First of you must have a fully rooted phone or this will not work, but that shouldn’t be an issue for most of our adventurous readers.

This application does one simple thing, allow you to change what a button on your Android device does, aka button remapping.  So if you want your camera button to open up you phone/dialer application instead of taking a picture, you can do it!  Pretty simple and to the point, and for me and my girlfriends HTC Eris it works easily and well.

What functions can be assigned you ask?
List of functions:

“Power”, “Home”, “Menu”, “Back”, “Search”, “Volume up”, “Volume down”, “Camera”, “Focus”, “Endcall”, “Call”, “Media Play Pause”, “Media Stop”, “Media Next”, “Media Previous”, “Media Rewind”, “Media Fast Forward”, “Dpad center”, “Dpad up”, “Dpad down”, “Dpad left”, “Dpad right”.

Appelflap says:

The reason why this is a experimental beta is that every device has its own layout file. To make a generic app isn’t that straightforward. I hope the solution I’ve created with this app will work on practically any device. Because I couldn’t test it on any other device than the Desire HD I advice to make a Nandroid backup… Although, the only thing that can go wrong is that the keys won’t work after a reboot. I made a notification bar button that will make it possible to restore the original buttons definition if something goes wrong.. I think it is save enough to test.

So head over and check it out, be sure to thank Appelflap for development, and let us know what you think.

XDA Thread & Download Here.

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