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Continuing with our Android application reviews we want to bring you a fresh look at the latest and greatest available.  Whether you are brand new to the Android platform, or have been here from the beginning there are so many apps available in the market that even some of the most downloaded apps can escape you.  Today we are going to take a look into a couple of Music apps that we use on a daily basis.  Check our impressions and pics below and hit up the links to give them a try for yourself.  We want to know what your favorite music app is and what apps you would like to see a deeper look inside?

Blair West – MusicMod

One of my must have apps for any Android device I might be using is MusicMod by Eliot Stocker.  Basically this is the stock vanilla Android 2.2 music app with tons of improvements.  One of the most impressive additions that this app brings is a set of 5 widgets, as opposed to the stock music app that gives you that one ugly grey widget.  Another neat customization for those of you like me with Themes on their device is that you can change your notification pull down text color to whatever you would like.  And now there is also a beautiful full screen “Now Playing” that is absolutely gorgeous.

And best feature of this widget is that it isn’t finished yet! The developer has more plans and features:

Whats Next for Music Mod:
My list of what to add is long, however here are a number of them: -Better twitter integration, including auto tweet.
-Nicer Library Views
-Facebook Integration
-Audiobooks section
-Theming Ability

So head over to the Market and give it a try, and remember it is only for Android 2.2 Froyo.

Grab it in the Market HERE:

Chris Bogart – doubleTwist

For those of you that may be unfamiliar, doubleTwist is a computer application similar to iTunes but built for Android which allows you to purchase songs, sync libraries, photos, apps and podcasts.  The computer version works very well and makes it very easy to grab all your favorite music and keep it organized in one place.  You can check out the PC or Mac Version by clicking here.

The phone version of this app is both visually stunning and super fast.  You open up to a tiled menu as you can see above which allows you quick access to Artists, Albums, Songs, Videos, Playlists, Podcasts,Radio and Settings.  This app automatically grabs the music and video from your device making it easy to get started.  I love using this app because of the user interface, how easy it is to navigate around and the fact that is has a built in radio which is something a lot of the other music apps do not.  There are a slew of categories inside the radio to choose from making it virtually impossible to miss what your looking for.  I use this app when I go running, I just hit up a play list and I’m on my way.

The app comes with a simple and small widget which alleviates clutter and does what it is supposed to, play music.   The integration of podcasts makes it easy and convenient to store all of your favorites combining practically all of your media into one extremely gorgeous app.  Syncing via WiFi or USB cable is simple and having a PC version of this app to better organize and purchase new music is key for me making this an absolute must have.

I have used a lot of different music players, but I always end up migrating back to doubleTwist and I’m sure if you give it a try you will to.

Grab doubleTwist for FREE  Here or scan the QR Code below

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