Angry Birds Christmas Edition Coming December 11th!

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Angry Birds creator Rovio has announced and confirmed that they will be releasing a new “Christmas” edition of the extremely popular game.  Speculation and leaked pics over the last couple of days have shown us little snippets of pigs sitting tight behind snow filled glass and huge wrapped gifts underneath a snowy background.  Rovio has said the release is coming December 11th (Angry Birds Day) and when asked about this update coming for Android as well, they said that Android would indeed be getting in on some of the action.  I’m not quite sure what some of the action means.  Perhaps a light version, or limited levels but either way being a huge Angry Birds fan I will certainly take whatever I get.  Check out the leaked screen below and be sure to drop us a comment with your thoughts on this one!

The Twitter account for Rovio has been rather busy the past few days. OK, that’s not true. They’re actually busy every day, but even more so now that they’ve made mention of just how many Android users have downloaded Angry Birds (More than 7 million, in case you were wondering) but today’s news is even more awesome.

Rovio has confirmed after some images appeared online that they are indeed planning on a Christmas edition of Angry Birds for release. When asked about Android getting stuff for Christmas and they advised that Android would indeed get in on some of the action as well. Angry Birds day is on Dec. 11, and a new release would fit in nicely for that day don’t you all think – or maybe sooner?  [Ylex via @Roviomobile]

Via Android Central

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