Angry Birds for Xbox, Wii and PSN On The Way!

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Earlier this week during the first ever Social Gaming Summit in London, Rovio (Angry Birds creator) CEO Peter Vesterbacka confirmed “PSN, Wii, and Xbox” versions of the extremely popular game are already on the way.  This is huge news for not only Rovio, but for every single one of us gamers who have been playing Angry Birds for countless hours at a time on our iPhone and Android devices.  Angry Birds has been around on the iPhone for quite a while now and only introduced to Android recently but it has already surpassed some of the most popular games making it one of the most downloaded games for both platforms.  Now that we will eventually see this on our favorite gaming consoles is gigantic and I for one simply cannot wait to take Angry Birds to my big screen.  Check out the story below and be sure to drop us a comment with your thoughts.

Given the ESRB’s rating of Angry Birds on WiiWare way back in August, and the subsequent announcement of miniaturizing the game on PSP, we weren’t shocked to hear Rovio CEO Peter Vesterbacka confirm “PSN, Wii, and Xbox” versions of the enormously popular game are on the way. Pocket Gamer reports that Vesterbacka delivered the news during a speech at the first ever Social Gaming Summit in London this week, where he said the new versions would mark the beginning of the future for the Angry Birds IP.

It also looks like we’ll see the game released digitally on consoles before a proper sequel comes out, as Vesterbacka characterizes the XBLA/PSN/WiiWare ports as just “for starters.” Soon after, he hinted that we could see a “surprise” twist on the game, telling the timeless tale of Angry Birds from the perspective of the lowly pigs. The gaming equivalent of “A Tale of Two Cities,” but, ya know, with pigs and birds. Obviously.

Source: Joystiq

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