Dual Core LG “STAR” Shows Itself On Camera

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We all knew that LG had something up their sleeves, but we had no idea it was of this magnitude.  The leaked photos you are looking at are of an upcoming LG device rumored to release in early 2011 codenamed the “star” which features an impressive 4″ capacitive touch screen, an 8 megapixel camera, 1080p video recording and a dual core processor.  If this is released in early 2011 it will likely be the first Android device to hit the market running NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 dual core processor.  No official word on what version of Android software will be running, but from the giant google logo on the back of the device it’s safe to say they are going for a true Google experience here.  Check out the images below and be sure to drop us a comment with your thoughts.

Wow. LG did say it’d bring some heat to its Android Optimus line and here’s our first look at it, folks! An 8 megapixel camera-wearing, 1080p video-recording, dual-core superphone to appease all the spec fanatics out there. Aimed for release early next year, as the very first dual-core Android handset, this device will finally bring NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 into the smartphone realm. Our tipster tells us it’s codenamed Star internally, though that’s certain to change in the final product nomenclature. You might think that massive Google logo on the back would imply stock Android and you’d be right — we’re told it’ll be a nearly untouched representation of the Google OS, though it’s still not clear which version it’ll be. We’ve also spotted a front-facing camera on the front, while the innards include microSD memory expandability, microUSB connectivity, and a 1500mAh battery. Nexus who?

Source:  Engadget

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