Evo Finally Gets to Rest in it’s Official Dock

| November 2, 2010 | Reply

HTC has been quiet with both the Incredible and the EVO in the way of accessories. We have seen many leak images and SKU numbers through out time of different accessories for these phones ready to be sold but never actually came to fruition. I had an incredible and saw a few things I wanted from HTC like the video out cable but couldn’t get that at launch but months later online. EVO owners can rest easy tonight after they order their desktop portrait dock which if you are a business guy and own an EVO it will make your desk look better than that metal pendulum ball thing every business man has. Now if you don’t like the portrait look you can always spend some more money and go wireless with the Powermat wireless charging solution. Either way I am happy HTC FINALLY got this out for all you EVO owners because it is good to have that official feel sitting on your desk and better when it’s all black gloss. Let us know if you got yours yet int he comments below!

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